Having graduated from Ankara Law Faculty in 1992, Advocate Y. Uzay GÖKTÜRK registered with the Ankara Bar Association in 1993. He has served at various positions in bureaucracy in Turkey and abroad, especially at the foreign missions of the Republic of Turkey and the committee of inspection. After returning to Turkey from his last official duty as the Counsellor of the Embassy of Turkey in Moscow, he founded the Experto Crede Law & Consultancy.

Currently, Y. Uzay GÖKTÜRK is a member of International Bar Association, based in London.

Experto Crede Law & Consultancy offers its services to Turkish and foreign individuals and companies in Turkey and abroad.


  • Ankara University Faculty of Law
  • Ankara University Institute of Social Sciences – “EU (Law) Master’s (Master)”- “Competition Law”
  • The Hague International Law Academy, Netherlands – “Private International Law Programme”
  • Chartered Institute of Arbitration, London – “Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution”


  • “Legal English Certificate Program – Ankara Law Banking
  • “Commercial Law” Certificate Program – Ankara Law Banking Institute
  • Customs Union and Export Expertise Training Program – Foreign Trade Institute
  • “Commercial Law” – Certificate Program – Ankara TOBB ETU SEM
  • “Mediation Training” Certificate Program– Ankara University Law Faculty
  • “Concordat Commissioner” Certificate Program – Başkent University (BEDAM)
  • “Arbitration in Commercial Disputes” Certificate Program – Başkent University (BEDAM)
  • “International Commercial Law Agreements” Certificate Program – Izmir Chamber of Commerce
  • “Contract Clauses in English” Certificate Program – EDULEGAL
  • “Key Clauses in a Contract” Certificate Program – EDULEGAL
  • “Non-Disclosure Agreements in Contract Law” Certificate Program -EDULEGAL
  • “Health Law” Certificate Program – EDULEGAL
  • Russian Language Certificate (C2) – Russian Federation Pushkin Language Institute